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Lose 10, 20, 50+ Lbs.

Take Willpower Off the Table!  
Retrain Your Brain to Desire Only the Amount of Food Necessary to Keep You Nourished and Satisfied!

If you're tired of running on the weight loss treadmill with little to no success, perhaps you've partnered with the wrong part of your brain! 


Just as certain parts of our brain help us to define who we are, we have other parts that automatically control the beating of our heart, digestion, respiration, immune function, and more. Did you know it's possible to get THAT part of your brain involved so you don't have to rely on willpower? It's true! 

Six Weeks to a New You - Here's How....

After attending "Retrain Your Brain" your journey begins with six one-hour sessions in our office.*  Additionally, you'll receive professional audio recordings to ensure your success. If you become pregnant or suffer a health issue causing you to regain weight - you will always have your recordings to get you back on track. 

First Session - Virtual Gastric Band "Surgery"

You'll enter hypnosis allowing your mind to believe you actually had the surgery. Even though you leave our office knowing on a conscious level that no one touched you, your subconscious mind is now happy to remind you that your stomach has "shrunk" to the size of a golf ball by making you feel very full after a small meal.

Session 2 - Now that you are 5 to 7 pounds lighter, we work to program your mind to continue eating three small meals a day. Most people continue to lose 1-2 pounds each week until they reach their goal weight. 

Session 3 - This session allows you to release any limiting beliefs that may hold you back or slow your progress. If you are experiencing cravings, our "aversion therapy" will help you let that craving go!

Session 4 - Time to move forward and release the past. Your mind begins to accept the "new you" and to enjoy and appreciate your new shape and size. You'll begin to see new opportunities and eagerly accept life's challenges.

Session 5 - Time to kick your metabolism up into "super burn". You'll learn a technique that helps you control your metabolism and a whole lot more! Holidays and celebrations are no longer a problem.

Session 6 - Enjoy the continued weight loss process. This session keeps your mind in the game and on task for the longterm.   Your patient, low stress mind encourages you to continue the process of losing, then maintaining your weight loss.  And yes, you will feel less stress in your life by this point!

Your mind will believe you have a gastric band limiting your food intake.

What does it cost? 

Seven sessions are $499 and paid in advance. For a limited time, you can attend the first session for FREE to decide if VGB is right for you. Learn More Here.

Do you take insurance? We do not. However, many people use their Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover the cost. Learn More Here.

Additional Information:  When you enroll in the six-week course, we collect payment upfront. This helps to ensure you attend all of the sessions since clinical studies prove the greatest success comes from attending the entire program. We do NOT offer refunds for missed sessions, or if you choose to withdraw early. 

Homework: To ensure your success, we provide you with audio recordings. Your "homework" is to listen to your recordings at least once a day. People who listen to their recordings experience the greatest success.

No Late Entry Rule: An on-time arrival is 10 minutes prior to the posted start time. We do not allow entry once the class has started. Our goal is to get everyone in and out on-time. We cannot "wake" the group and re-hypnotize them due to late arrivals. If you are late and the doors are closed, the audio recordings will be emailed to you... you simply listen to the recording to stay on track with the group. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

* Winslow Hypnosis offers on-site programs for corporations, clubs and organizations. Please contact our office to learn more.

Private Group


  • You Choose Who Attends

  • You Choose Time/Date

  • Friends

  • Teammates

  • Organizations

  • Families

  • Coworkers

Open Group


  • Open to ALL

  • Make New Friends

  • Convenient Times/Dates

  • Bring a Friend

  • No Waiting - Begin Now!

Sonja Kelly

I’ve dropped five dress sizes 

in 18 months!


My biggest weakness was chocolate. I’d tried lots of diets but always piled the weight back on. Thanks to VGB I’ve dropped five dress sizes in 18 months and I’m halfway to my dream weight. I’m more confident and positive and I’m starting to find things easier to do. I definitely don’t touch chocolate now and just the thought of it turns my stomach.

Sonja Kelly

Cheryl Shurtliffe

I was down 5 pounds in the first week of attending training!

I was down 5 pounds in the first week of attending training. I love this program because it’s so easy, nothing to count or track and I am not focused on food at all! 

Cheryl Surtliffe

Dr. Dave Hillis

I've lost 61 pounds and helped 46 others to lose weight!

This program helped me obtain health goals I didn’t even know were possible for me personally – I’ve lost 61 pounds now! And thanks to the hypnotherapy training, I’ve been able to help 46 others lose weight and counting.

Dr. Dave Hillis

True testimonials for the Virtual Gastric Lap Band procedure.

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