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Insurance and

Medical Codes

Some people, including doctors, are surprised to learn hypnosis is a medical support procedure. As such, it has medical codes. Unfortunately most insurance companies do not routinely cover the cost. If you contact your insurance company and provide them with the codes listed below, they will be able to tell you if they will reimburse you for the service. If it is covered, you would need to pay at the time of service and submit for reimbursement. Our office does not work directly with insurance companies.

Many Health Savings Accounts (HSA) will permit you to use your funds - especially if you have a doctor's prescription showing a medical need. Again, you should contact them to learn your benefits.

Finally, many employers have programs in place to help cover the cost of programs like smoking cessation, weight management, and stress reduction. It is always wise to check with your employer to see if they will cover all or part of the service fee prior to beginning your sessions. 

Here are the most commonly used medical codes for hypnosis. 

CPT code for Hypnotherapy 90880


300.02 Generalized Anxiety - this is the most common for hypnotherapy


300.04 Dysthymic Disorder (Adult Depression) also common with hypnotherapy


307.81 Pain Disorder with both Physical and Psychological causes

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