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The Placebo Effect and Placebo Surgery

How It Can Help YOU!

The Placebo Effect is well known in the science world. Below you'll find several stories and scientific studies testifying to its power. Research shows, even if we KNOW we are taking a placebo most people will feel better simply because they think they will.

Clinical research also supports "placebo surgery" as being highly effective even though NO surgery actually took place. You can read more about knee surgery and the NIH's response to the "placebo surgery" below.

The FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate their product is more powerful than a placebo. However, when a reporter used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain data from the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies' own research showed in many, many instances, their medicines only matched the placebo's effect, and a great number of times the placebo won! It should also be noted placebos are formulated to have little to no noticeable side effects, unlike their medical counterparts.

Why does the "placebo effect" work? Well, your body has a natural ability to heal itself. In fact, throughout your life it has proven that to you time and time again. Hypnosis can enhance this healing process by helping you to achieve concentrated attention so you can "talk" to your body in a way that it understands.  

Today's research backs up what our ancestors knew all along - thoughts matter! And, our body listens to our desires.


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Meet the Doctor and Watch the "Placebo Surgery"

Keep Going... There are thousands of stories and clinical studies on the Internet!

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