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How to Be a Success

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Selling Yourself - The consequences of selling yourself short can be serious. It can affect your chances in life, work and love. When you are focusing on what it takes to build a good life for yourself, it is important to recognize and be able to highlight your strengths and positive qualities. This session provides a practical method to help people who wish to present themselves well, whether professionally or socially. It is specifically designed to overcome any learned tendencies to downplay one's own strengths inappropriately.

No Excuses – It's human nature to justify our actions. And inactions. The trouble is, we are so ready to believe our own stories, we let them block our lives and stop us from doing things we would really find rewarding and satisfying. This session provides people with an effective tool for cutting through the convincing deceptions we practice on ourselves to find freedom.

Motivation to Work - Everybody has experienced motivation - but sometimes they didn't recognize it for what it was. And everybody knows that it's a valuable asset if you want to get things done and make progress at work or in life generally. But what do you do when you just can't find the motivation? You start here.

Expect the Best – A pessimist is somebody who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks. That's according to Oscar Wilde, famous humorist and playwright. And indeed it is sad how many people, on hearing that knock, say to themselves "That can't be for me!" And so they miss out. Of course, missing out might not matter much. But you can't tell whether the opportunity is significant or trivial if you dismiss it out of hand, can you? Learn to expect the best in this session.

Get Your Drive Back – Many things can influence our mood and energy levels. Physical health and lifestyle are the first things to look at if we're feeling low and can't be bothered to get on with things. But emotional and psychological factors can also drain us of drive. If you've lost it, how do you get it back? This session helps people whose lives have turned inexplicably dull and gray recover the impetus that makes life interesting and fun.

Act on Your Ideas - "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" goes the old proverb and it points out the problem as well. It's easy to dream great dreams and fantasize about how lovely it's all going to be when your schemes come to fruition. But schemes don't come to fruition unless something concrete happens in the real world. This session is a 'kick-starter' for anyone who has, for whatever reason, been putting off turning their plans and hopes into real decisions and actions with solid results.

Do Your Best Work – Although many people have high ideals and standards for what they do, it can be a struggle to consistently do your very best, no matter what task you have to do. It's tempting when we have dull work to do, or have to do something that seems pointless, to rush through it half-heartedly, thinking of something else. This session helps people get into the right frame of mind to always be able to give their full attention and effort to what's right in front of them.

Finish What You Start - What really keeps people going until they get to the end of a project? How do they pursue a long course of study, write a book, build a house, get a business going, and master a complex skill? These endeavors take such large amounts of time and effort, it can seem all too tempting to give up and abandon the project. Yet filling your life with unfinished projects and dreams is a recipe for misery. Is there a key to 'getting things done'? This session aims to impart key skills and attitudes to break through the tendency to stop before completion.

Stop Blaming Yourself - Who is to blame if things go wrong? We humans are always seeking an explanation for the events in our lives. We always want to know why. And if things haven't worked out as expected, we want to know whose fault it is. Curiously, we are oddly ready to assume that we ourselves are to blame if things go wrong. And while this may occasionally be so, the fact is that the complexities of life are such that it is very rare for anything to be totally the fault of any one person. Blaming yourself for everything is thus a failure to get things in proportion and see the big picture. And it can make you very miserable. This session helps chronic self-blamers break out of this limiting behavior and develop detachment.

Self-Acceptance - There are many pressures from the world around us to be different to how we are, to conform to expectations and demands that come from many sources. But often the greatest pressure comes from ourselves. We are our own worst critic - never satisfied with who we are and how we are doing. And that means we can spend too much time beating ourselves up for our perceived shortcomings and not enough time making the most of who and what we are, and achieving what we are capable of. It can mean that we bar ourselves from really enjoying our own lives. This session will help you to escape from the dreary prison of self-criticism and learn to assess yourself fairly and kindly so that you can really begin to appreciate yourself properly.

Deeper Self Respect - People often treat themselves amazingly badly. Sometimes they do this because they don't know how to treat themselves well. Sometimes they do this because they are full of negative beliefs about themselves. But when you disregard your own worth and value as a human being, and your need for due attention and care in how you live day to day, your life becomes stunted and limited. You don't flourish as you should. This session will provide a way to reconnect with the true uniqueness that lies within us all, and to use the power of this connection to kick start real practical changes that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Be More Centered - Life is full of shocks and surprises and feeling 'off balance' is a common and not very pleasant feeling. But how do you acquire inner stability so that you can meet life more steadily? This session offers you an effective tool to develop a more stable equilibrium in life, and to enhance your ability to return to balance if you do get overthrown.

Reinvent Yourself - It's very easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are who other people say you are. And people who just accept other people's view of them - what they're like, what they're capable of - can end up feeling quite restricted and constrained. But breaking out of that 'pigeon hole' is not easy. It feels uncomfortable to act 'out of character' and it makes other people uncomfortable if you don't conform to what they've come to expect of you. This session will help you to set out on the adventure of changing your life and to make it easier to take those first all-important steps towards expanding horizons.

You’re Worth It - People who don't value themselves appropriately, for whatever reason, can also fall into lifestyle patterns that match their perceptions of themselves. Without intending it that way, they can end up not looking after themselves or their homes properly, and never having a treat, because they feel they ‘don't deserve it'. In the long term, such a pattern of behavior can be directly harmful. It can lead to poor physical health and increase vulnerability to mental health issues as well. This session will help you realize that you need to be kinder to yourself.

Be Debt Free – In an age of far too easy credit, many of us came to believe that debt didn't matter that much. "Maxing out your credit card" was seen as almost admirable, as if it showed that you really know how to live. Well, there has been a rude awakening for us all. Owing money is not funny, and owing money that you don't know how to pay back is even less funny. But how do you get on top of the problem when you're caught in the spiral? This session will help you act in a way that will make a real difference to your financial situation.

Be Frugal - In boom times we are always being told to spend more money. Even when it's not boom time, the advertisers still try to persuade us that the only way through is by spending more money acquiring stuff. Anyone who tries to resist these pressures and be more frugal can expect a hard time. This session offers a powerful psychological tool for those who seek to rein in their spending for the good of themselves and those they care for.

Save Money - Some people seem to be naturally thrifty and careful with their resources. Others, while not necessarily throwing their money away, can let it slip through their hands without paying full attention to the consequences. Impulse buying and overspending and too much reliance on credit to get them out of difficulty can leave them with burdens of debt and a very worrying financial insecurity. This session will help people who want to get their spending under control and put money aside for a better future develop the practical and psychological skills that make this possible.

Financial Worries – Whether there is a general economic downturn going on all around, or whether it is just personal circumstance, most people will face times of financial insecurity in their lives. This can be very unsettling and worrying and can exacerbate the practical problems of managing with less income. Worry can then become overwhelming. This session will help people who find themselves facing financial worries take practical steps to help themselves weather the storm.

Fear of Money - Some people just aren't comfortable with the idea of having 'money' - becoming wealthier and more prosperous. So uncomfortable that they may even sabotage their own chances of increased financial freedom. This session is devised to help people stop tripping themselves up with outworn notions about wealth so that they can make the most of their opportunities.

Millionaire Mind - Everyone would love to find the map which shows where to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But most people look in the wrong place! They imagine that you can learn how to become rich by reading books. And, of course, reading books about wealth generation and business is a useful activity for every would-be millionaire. But it is not the road map to wealth. This session provides an effective and practical tool for teaching - and practicing - the art of generating the maps you need to get to the wealth you want.

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