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Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Carmel with easy access and plenty of free parking.

Enjoy total relaxation in one of our six comfortable theatre recliners. Each recliner is wired with a computer, HRV sensor, and stereo audio. 

Parents and client caregivers are welcome to wait in our comfortable sitting area. 

HRV and Hypnosis:

a healing combination

Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or the variation of the intervals between heart beats, is a strong indicator of overall health. Cardiac specialists have been using HRV for decades to track the health and recovery of their patients. In addition, HRV offers practitioners a glimpse into the autonomic nervous system, an important aspect of our physiology normally shrouded in mystery.

Winslow Hypnosis utilizes HRV along with a thorough interview, and your doctor's notes to help us truly understand the issues you face. Once armed with solid scientific data, Dr. Winslow will create powerful healing suggestions to help you rewire your brain.



Learning how to enter and maintain coherence results in decreased anxiety, improved mood, better quality of sleep, overall improvement in physical health, clearer thinking, increased concentration, and an overall reduction in stress. All this in addition to helping you resolve you initial concern. 

Patented technology will help you see and understand your current state of well-being. In just a few weeks, you'll not only rewire your brain to correct the issue you wish to resolve, but you'll also learn how to lower your stress/anxiety levels, and allow your body to return to a natural state of coherence


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