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Learning Help

At Winslow Hypnosis, we see a large number of clients eager to break unwanted habits. Of course, there's the other side of the coin - people who want to develop good habits like eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and creating structured study habits. Still others want to learn a new language, or enhance an existing talent. Hypnosis helps you rewire your brain to accept new challenges so you can learn with ease.  

Group classes are as low as $69* a session. If you choose to create a "Private Group" you can carpool with some friends while learning together. Call for a free consultation to see how hypnosis can improve your motivation and your memory. 317-373-1315

Academic Performance - Academic success requires two things - the motivation to study, and the ability to study effectively. Motivation on its own will not ensure academic achievement - although it certainly is vital. To do well in your studies, you also need to know how to study in a way that will ensure that what you learn stays with you, and can be reproduced effectively in exam situations, or in preparing papers, reports or thesis. This session does not focus on motivation, rather we’ll focus on what it takes to raise one's academic performance levels.

Attention in Class – Every child is born with a burning curiosity about the world. However, to some children school can become nothing more than a series of hoops to be jumped through, rather than a doorway to the wonders of the universe. As a result of mindless boredom, these students may feel barred from learning as well as they could. But it doesn't have to be like this. This session allows students to rekindle their natural love of learning, despite their school environment.

Beginner’s Mind - Learning new things is much easier when your mind is not already full of knowledge and preconceptions. But how can you set aside what you already know to make the most of new information? This session provides a way to train the brain to switch easily into an open receptive state when it's time to learn something new.

Debating Confidence - Promoting or defending a particular line of argument in a public debate is one of the more challenging forms of public speaking. You can't just 'make a speech'. You have to deal head on, in the moment, with counterarguments and opposing points of view. It's important to stay focused and unflustered. In this session, we’ll offer an effective and enjoyable way to develop the inner state of mind of a truly confident debater.

Reading Difficulty- People who find it difficult to correctly process written words, and who regularly misread or misspell what they read and write, can have a hard time. They often get teased or ridiculed by others. And then, on top of that, they often give themselves a hard time with an excess of self-criticism. This session will help people with reading concerns relax more with their relationship to the written language, and allow them to release more of their potential.

Happy Memory Jogger - People are funny. When things go wrong, we go over and over the negative event in our minds and think about it from every conceivable and inconceivable angle. And we continue to do this not just hours and days after the event, but sometimes for months and even years! But when good things happen to us, we often let it slip from our minds in short order. Not surprisingly, this pattern leads many people into anxiety and depression as they focus constantly on the negative, and prove to themselves how hard life is. This session will help you break out of negative rumination and develop a more constructive behavior pattern, which is much more than just 'positive thinking'.

Help With Spelling - We've all heard of the three Rs. But curiously only one of them actually begins with R. The other two are deliberate spelling mistakes - a play on sound to help us remember them. Making deliberate errors in your spelling for effect is one thing, but what if you constantly make involuntary slips, and end up either using the wrong word altogether, or looking lost because you don't know the correct way to write a particular word? What if the sort of schooling you received was actually no help to you in mastering the complexities of English language spelling? This session offers a highly effective tool to anyone who wants to improve their spelling skills and feel more confident about what they write.

Language Learning - Learning a language is natural and anyone can do it. And everyone has done it, as no one is born knowing what language to speak. Wouldn't it be wonderful to re-acquire the sensitivity to language of the developing infant, listening to and absorbing everything it hears without effort? This session is designed to re-awaken the natural human talent for language learning.

Learn a Musical Instrument - Many people have an inspiring experience at a concert, or maybe listening to the radio, when the sound of a particular instrument or group of instruments suddenly makes an enormous impact on them. And this experience may be powerful enough to inspire them to learn to play that instrument themselves. Of course, they start off full of enthusiasm, however, early inspiration can easily become buried in the grind of regular practice and the sheer effort of mastering an instrument. This session will help anyone trying to learn an instrument who feels they have become bogged down and lost their motivation.

Learn Dance Steps - Learning new moves and routines in dance can be frustrating sometimes, because often we try too hard, or think too much about what we are doing…forgetting to trust our own learning capacity. And if this happens too often, it can seriously get in the way of progress and enjoyment. This session will help people get back to being the great learners they once were so they can take their dance learning to new heights.

Learn Fast! – There's a lot to learn in modern life, and the better and faster you can learn things, the more benefits you'll enjoy. But how can learning be speeded up without sacrificing the quality of the learning? This session was developed to give people an effective psychological tool to boost their learning powers - and enjoy themselves at the same time. Hypnosis can dramatically improve receptiveness to and retention of new information and skills.

Learn From a Pro - In the role of 'apprentice', a person spends a long time watching, learning from, and emulating a master of their craft. They retain new knowledge and skills through osmosis, rather than actively trying to learn. And research from the early 1990s proves the effectiveness of this technique with the finding that mirror neurons in our brains enable us to unconsciously copy the behavior of someone else, especially if we are interested in what they're doing. This session was created to help clients learn new skills quickly and retain them on a deep, subconscious level.

Memorize Music - Everybody thrills to the sight and sound of a musician or singer producing wonderful music without the aid of a score. The music is in their heart, in their head, in their muscles, and out it pours, for all to enjoy! But what if you find memorizing music difficult? This session will help players and performers who struggle with learning music by heart enhance their ability to learn and reproduce music without having the notes in front of them.

Method Acting - The best actors are those who can 'become' their character, so that they are no longer 'playing a role', they are just 'being themselves' - a totally new 'self' in the context of the alternate reality of the performance. There are various ways to become skilled at 'being' someone else, and hypnosis is one of the most powerful and effective. This session will assist anyone who wants to get better at inhabiting the 'reality' of an invented character with complete psychological and emotional authenticity.

Perfect Pitch - Although people think of perfect pitch as a rare and rather esoteric skill, scientific research has found that we may all have the potential to develop accurate musical recognition and matching. But how do you go about developing it? This session was created to help people easily master the mental skills of pitch identification.

Remember Names - Many of us are familiar with that awful social situation where you encounter someone whose face you recognize but whose name you have clearly forgotten. Why do you remember the face so well but not the name? How can such embarrassing situations be averted? This session will help anyone who wishes to improve their ability to remember the names of people to whom they have been introduced.

Remember What You Read - No matter how many times a chapter, a book, or an article is read, if the reader is not reading with a purpose, or is distracted, the information can be difficult to recall. This session will give you the inner resources necessary to learn efficiently, and to store information for use at another time.

Return to School - Our school and college days are rightly recognized as formative times. Good or bad, the experiences we have in formal education follow us through our lives. Later, with a change in life's circumstances, or our own desire leads us to contemplate further study of some kind, the coloring of our previous experience will influence how we feel about 'going back to school'. This session is for anyone who is feeling nervous about returning to education after a long time away by building their confidence and motivation levels.

Speed Reading - We are bombarded with torrents of text. More and more words come at us from every side. Emails, newspapers, memos, letters, books, journals, academic papers. Sometimes it can feel like we are drowning in a sea of words. And yet they must be read. Most people have at some time in their life, wished they had a photographic memory to help them swallow all the words they have to plough through, perhaps not realizing that improving your reading speed to near photographic levels is perfectly possible. This session is a powerful aid for anyone who is determined to increase their reading speed. Although working with actual text is clearly essential, this session concentrates on developing the mental tools that are required for speed reading.

Study Motivation - Why do we study? Learning new things satisfies one of our basic human needs - for stimulation and mental stretching. We all enjoy acquiring new knowledge and mastering new skills. Sometimes we set out on a course of study with a specific goal in mind - in search of qualifications useful to our careers, for example. This kind of study has a specific goal. But it's easy to get distracted and put off the perceived 'effort' of studying - even when we know that this might put the achievement of our goal at risk. If you want to build your motivation to study, enroll in this session.

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