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Virtual Gastric Lap Band "Surgery"

All the benefits of surgery without the risk!

Dr. Oz discussing Virtual Gastric Lap Band "Surgery"

The non-surgical gastric band, or as it is better known, the Virtual Gastric Band, leverages the power of the mind rather than the scalpel to provide extremely safe and predictable weight loss results.

The Virtual Gastric Band procedure offers all the benefits of the surgery but none of the risks, discomfort, or mandatory recovery time associated with the invasive surgical procedure. This mind management technique was pioneered by Sheila Granger in the United Kingdom. Sheila personally trained Dr. Winslow in the revolutionary technique.

Note: Because he was on a TV show, this hypnotist used "stage hypnosis" to make a point. We do not use stage hypnotism in our office. You will never be singled out or asked to demonstrate anything.

What Is Gastric Band Surgery?

To better understand and appreciate the advantages of the Virtual Gastric Band procedure, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of its surgical counterpart.


The principle behind the surgical operation is to reduce the volume of the stomach cavity which forces an individual to consume less food. With reduced food intake, weight loss should follow.


Along with the reduced stomach volume the patient receives instructions regarding what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. If the patient chooses to overeat, eat too quickly, or disregard dietary restrictions, they will become very ill and physically incapacitated.

With real surgery there is always risk and a recuperation period. In contrast, there are no risks associated to the Virtual Gastric Band and no need to recuperate . In this video, the company that manufactures the band explains the process.  If you are considering the actual surgery, you may also want to read this information presented by the National Library of Medicine.

Google "Virtual Gastric Band" 

and you'll find more stories like this one

It seems quite a few hypnotist claim to be the inventor, but Shiela Granger has been doing the procedure longer and has taken the time to have it medically authenticated. 

While there is no guarantee this procedure will work for you, Sheila's process, the one that we utilize, was clinically proven 95% successful with UK patients. 

If the other hypnotist charges $3,000, why do you charge $499?

Rent in NYC is much higher! And because they can.  Many hypnotists feel they need to charge large sums to ensure you give the process your very best effort. After all, hypnosis is not magic. Expectation and follow through are very important.

Hypnosis helps your body to "reset" itself by allowing you to take "willpower" off the table. Working together, we access the  powerful Limbic system in your brain - the part of your brain that keeps everything running efficiently and automatically.


So, can I access the Limbic System without a hypnotist?

Yes, you can. But many people find it very helpful to work with a clinically trained hypnotist who can help you navigate the process, and who will teach you how to do self-hypnosis. In addition, you'll receive the hypnotic recordings. If you later become pregnant or suffer a physical injury that prevents you from working out and you regain weight, you can always use your recordings to repeat the process. 

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