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Health Concerns

Hypnosis is scientifically proven to help a wide range of health issues. From digestive disorders, to chronic pain, to breathing concerns - science underscores the careful use of hypnosis by a certified professional. 

If you are experiencing a health concern, call for a free consultation. With hypnosis, there are no side effects, and at $69* a session, it's definitely affordable. Make the move to stop suffering. Call Winslow Wellness today.  317-373-1315


Adrenal Fatigue - Prolonged or severe stress can affect people for a long time after the cause of the stress has gone. They can be left with chronic exhaustion, mysterious pains, inability to think clearly, and a compromised immune system. These symptoms are sometimes collectively called 'adrenal fatigue'. This session offers an effective tool to help rebuild your health and restore your energy levels.

Ease Your Breathing - Some people suffer from a debilitating respiratory illness in which the airways in the lungs occasionally become constricted, inflamed, and lined with excessive mucus. These attacks may be brought on by various environmental triggers, or by stress. Although much can be done to avert painful episodes by identifying (and then avoiding) the triggers, and attacks can be eased with medication, however, even higher levels of improvement can be attained through the use of hypnosis. Some of the response is an acquired pattern, getting worse with each episode. This kind of patterning is highly amenable to hypnotic intervention. This session will help sufferers learn to take control of the dilation of the airways so that they can feel more comfortable.

Boost Your Immune System - Most people take their immune system for granted. But our immune system is highly sensitive to factors which are well within our sphere of influence - such as our state of mind. And it has been clearly demonstrated that active visualization of immune system enhancement can bring about measurable changes in the body's production of lymphocytes - the main protection against disease. This session will give you a powerful tool to enhance the functioning of your own immune system.

Caring for Terminally Ill - It can be devastating to learn that someone you love has a terminal illness. The emotions that such a situation arouses are challenging at the deepest level. And when you have to care for a loved one who is dying, you may wonder where you are going to find the internal resources to keep going. This session has been specially created to help the caring relatives of a terminally ill person strengthen, and sustain themselves for the task ahead.

Persistant Fatigue - Once dismissed as 'yuppie flu' and thought to be a largely psychosomatic condition, it is now recognized as a disabling physical condition. This session will help sufferers make the most of their own subconscious healing powers in overcoming this debilitating condition.

Chronic Hives - Hives are a very common skin reaction, with, in most cases, no specific cause. The lack of clear cause or trigger is frustrating for sufferers who tell themselves that 'something must be causing it!'. But the doctors agree that, in most cases, it's a matter of managing and reducing the flare-ups, and the hives themselves do not appear to generate any further harm. So what can a chronic hives sufferer do to help themselves? Hypnosis is clinically proven to help people to overcome seemingly automatic (but unwanted) responses.

Contact Lens Relaxation - Contact lenses are a wonderful invention, enabling millions of people to see better without having to wear glasses. But they take a bit of getting used to! It can feel very uncomfortable, not to say extremely strange, to deliberately insert tiny circles of synthetic material between the eyeball and the eyelid. This session will help people who are having trouble getting used to their lenses speed up the process of adaptation so that they can feel completely comfortable.

Coping with Chronic Illness - Chronic illness poses the sufferer with a different set of challenges from an acute illness. Many diseases and conditions are short term, and although their effects may be very unpleasant and/or painful, the sufferer knows that - eventually - it will pass. It's quite different for someone with a chronic illness. The hope of recovery may be very very distant - or even out of reach. They may never be able to go back to doing what they did before. It's all too easy to fall into despair - compounding the problem. This session will help anyone with a long-term condition build inner resilience and devise ways to enhance their lives - no matter what the circumstances of their illness.

Coping with Thyroid Problems - The effects of an underactive thyroid can be distressing - weight gain, hair loss, exhaustion, moodiness and depression, to name but a few. It's not easy to establish the right treatment and even when thyroid levels are restored some people still continue to have unpleasant symptoms. This session will help people cope with the difficulties of finding the right treatment path for them and give themselves the best possible opportunity to do well.

Digestive Disorders - Digestive system disorders can make life a real misery for sufferers, and people with bowel problems know all about the misery of chronic pain, diarrhea, and exhaustion. That's in addition to the feeling that they're missing out on life. Hypnosis has been shown to be very effective in the treatment and management of bowel problems. In the session you will learn how swelling is linked with the human stress response, and why this makes hypnosis a particularly effective form of intervention.

Stick to Your Diabetic Diet - A diagnosis of diabetes can be a shattering experience for a person. Suddenly, your whole life pattern has to change. Risks seem to lie around every corner. Things which once brought pleasure and satisfaction are now your deadly enemy. Adapting to a healthy diet and avoiding high risk foods and drinks is one of the major challenges of living with diabetes.  This session will help people who are struggling to motivate themselves to stick to a healthy diet find the inner commitment they need.

Ease Skin Problems - Skin issues can make the life of a sufferer nearly unbearable. More common in children, most people gradually grow out of it as they get older. For some people, however, skin issues can continue to plague them into adulthood. Steroid creams are the most common medical treatment. Although medications can calm the irritation temporarily, they do not cure it, nor do they prevent outbreaks from occurring. Steroids also have a number of undesirable side effects. This session offers sufferers another option for improving their lives by calling on their own subconscious resources.

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