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Fear of Going Outside This is one of the more puzzling fears, because it often seems to lack the specific trigger. But for that very reason it can be much more difficult to live with. Someone with a fear of flying can avoid plane travel without too much difficulty, but someone with this fear can find life very hard indeed. This session will help you learn how to free yourself from the intense fear that can overwhelm you at the thought of going out, or being in particular places.


Birds - Fear of birds may not be as common as fear of spiders, but sufferers are more likely to encounter the object of their fear, as birds are more obviously everywhere. Even though sufferers may know full well that their fear is irrational, and that birds are not going to harm them, they cannot stop themselves being overcome by panic whenever they encounter, or even just see, a bird. This session will help those who feel limited and constrained because of fear of birds.


Fear of Needles  Of course, needles and sharp objects are genuinely dangerous things, and need to be treated with respect and used properly at all times. They can indeed cause harm and injury. But needles are also used for many life saving procedures. So it is useful to be able to handle times when injections may be necessary without making the experience more distressing because of fear. As with many other fears, exaggerated fear of needles is the result of inappropriate triggering of the fear response - and this can be reprogrammed.


Snakes Is it possible to feel completely relaxed and comfortable about snakes in a single session? Yes. Attend this class or book an individual session and you’ll learn about the fight or flight response, then program your brain to feel comfortable around snakes in the future. This script has stood the test of time and worked for a large number of people.


Spiders  Although most people wouldn't mind admitting that they had a fear for dentists, many are ashamed to admit that they are afraid of spiders.  It just seems so ridiculous for a great big human being to be afraid of such a tiny little creature that they could stamp on in a moment! But this fear is actually one of the most common. It’s time to get rid of that fear and see spiders for what they really are.


Dental Dental fears can be such a powerful deterrent to going to the dentist that people may not get proper dental care for years at a time - and actually make their dental problems worse. Knowing that the fear is irrational doesn't really help! This three session class will help you overcome this fear… so,  Smile!


Driving Test  No matter how many lessons someone has had, the thought of a driving test can still cause a lot of stress. The subconscious mind can be conditioned to respond in this fearful way if the person is repeatedly imagining things going wrong, and thus it becomes a difficult cycle to break. This session will help you overcome your nerves, feel more relaxed about driving and even look forward to your test.


Exam Nerves Exam nerves can seriously hinder performance, as they make it hard for the examinee to think straight and to recall the information that they need. So it is very important to master the art of staying calm throughout any exam. We’ll help you learn the art of reducing your concerns, associate test conditions with calm feelings as opposed to anxious feelings, while retaining enough tension to get the maximum benefit from the drive that adrenaline can give - the trick is not to let the adrenaline level become overwhelming!


Fear of Bees and Wasps Some people dread the summer because it means that, even thought the weather may be perfect, they can't enjoy themselves outdoors because they are too worried about encountering bees and wasps. Not because they are allergic to them (though some are), but because they are afraid of them. It's enough to wreck any garden party or barbecue. This session will help people who have developed an inordinate and limiting fear of these tiny creatures.


Fear of Being Late Being punctual is professional, respectful, and generally advantageous. But sometimes the urge to be on time gets magnified until it causes unhealthy stress about being late. This session will help you develop more sensible, balanced attitude towards being on time, so you can arrive at your destination worry-free.


Fear of Boats People become fearful of boats and sailing for different reasons, but the pattern they experience is the same. The thought of traveling by boat, or being near boats, makes them distressed, no matter how calm the water, how big and powerful the boat, how skillful the sailors. Even though they know they will be perfectly safe, they feel unsafe. This session will help you undo the link your mind has made between boats and danger, so you can once more travel comfortably by boat.


Fear of Bridges Unless you have had a personal particularly nasty experience with a bridge, you would think you are unlikely to acquire a fear about bridges. But fear of bridges is surprisingly common, even among people with no history of actual trouble with a bridge. And it's these 'frightened for no reason' fears that can be particularly difficult to deal with - as you cannot overcome them with reason. Obviously. This session is designed to help people who have either a reasonable or an unreasonable fear of bridges.


Fear of Cancer  Cancer, in all its forms, has always been a terrifying illness, and for many centuries it was always fatal. It's quite normal to dread getting a fatal disease. However, medical advances in our time means that cancer can often be detected earlier and successfully treated in many cases. But for many people cancer is still a terrifying thought. What can you do if you are regularly tormented by fears of cancer?  This session offers a practical and effective way for anyone who is excessively worried about cancer to put those worries aside and get on with life.


Fear of Cats Many people regard cats as such adorable creatures that they can't understand how anyone could possibly be afraid of them. But the truth is that a fear of cats is one of the more common fears that can plague people and make them unnecessarily nervous. This session will help people who find felines less than fun get over their fears and become calmly indifferent.


Fear of Change We all have a healthy self-protective instinct inherited from our distant ancestors. And while it's important to keep ourselves safe, we must find the balance between extreme caution and fulfilling our Primal Human Needs to experience creative challenges, stimulation and excitement. This session will help you become more open to healthy changes, so you can build up resilience and enjoy new experiences.


Fear of Clowns As clowns are the archetypal figure of entertainment and fun, it's surprising how common it is to feel really frightened of them. Everyone can understand being frightened of snakes, or spiders, and even planes - but clowns? It can be embarrassing to have such a 'silly' fear - but even worse to experience the panicky fear that engulfs you when one of these figures of fun comes your way. This session is for anyone who'd like to feel calm and indifferent in the presence of a clown rather than panicky and scared.

Fear of Crowds The megalopolis of the modern world, where millions of strangers live side by side, is a phenomenon so new that our evolution has not even begun to adapt to it yet. So being anxious about crowds and large numbers of people is a natural, instinctive response. But likely to severely curtail your enjoyment of life if you have to mingle with others often - which most of us do. This session will help people overcome this ancient response and learn to feel comfortably at home in large groups.


Fear of Death In spite of an apparently non-stop diet of death both real and fictional on our television screens and news media, death is still very much a taboo subject. Many people feel awkward and embarrassed talking about death. And many would never dare reveal their own fear of death. Although fear of death is a natural response, when it becomes a constant pre-occupation it can get in the way of living. This session will help people whose lives have become crippled by their fear of death to rediscover how to live a rich and full life.


Fear of Doctors Many people avoid going to the doctor, even when they know they should seek advice and help. The medical profession hasn’t always helped matters, either. They can often appear intimidating and superior - attitudes, which do nothing to soothe the fears of someone who is worrying about what, their symptoms may signify. Whatever reasons people may have for putting off consulting their doctor, it's clearly a risky strategy in the long term. This session will help people overcome the barriers that may be keeping them from seeking essential advice and help.


Fear of Dogs Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend, so it is distressing to find oneself terrified of them. Some people are so frightened of dogs that they cannot bear to be in the same room as one.  However, knowing that your fear may be irrational, it’s still difficult to overcome it on your own. Hypnosis can help you address and overcome this fear.


Fear of Driving Fear of driving is more common than most people realize. Someone who has developed anxiety about driving can find that it actually makes driving more difficult, as his or her anxiety interferes with the smooth operation of what is essentially an unconscious activity.  This session will help you address your fear and overcome it.


Fear of Elevators  Fear of elevators is one of those concerns that may seem trivial to many people, however it can be a real limitation on the life of the sufferer - especially if they have to live or work in a very tall building! This session will help you discover that you can be perfectly comfortable riding an elevator, even when you think you can’t overcome this fear.


Fear Of Emotions Emotions can overwhelm us and if we don't know how to manage and channel them very well we can become fearful of getting swamped, by our own feelings or those of other people. But trying to shut difficult emotions out of our lives leads to limited, restricted lives, and shuts out more than just the difficult stuff. This session will help you learn to be more at ease with the expression of feelings, so you can enjoy life in all its richness.


Fear of Escalators Everywhere you go in the modern world you'll find yourself facing an escalator. A wonderful invention, but not so enjoyable if you're frightened of it. This session will help you to address your fear of moving staircases.


Fear of Failure  Everybody has experienced wanting to do something, but feeling so worried about it going wrong that that just can’t bring themselves to take action. If this only happens to you once in a while, that's perhaps not so terrible, but for some people it can take over their lives. They won't try new things, won't meet new people, won't seek a better job, won't ask for a rise, because they just can't bear the thought of failing. This session will help people free themselves from the shackles of this unnecessary anxiety and have a go at what they want to do.


Fear of Fainting Many more people worry about fainting than actually faint. That worry can cause more distress than a real faint, but their fear is often misplaced, as relatively few people have a condition that makes them faint. On the other hand, many people have experienced light-headedness and dizziness when panicky, and this - certainly unpleasant - feeling is often confused with real faintness. This session offers a safe and effective way for people to calm down those fears and avoid becoming uncomfortably light-headed.

Fear of Falling Over Someone who has had a bad fall in the past, or a medical condition that leaves them feeling unsteady on their feet can develop a fear of falling over. This can prevent them from socializing, following their dreams, and even completing everyday tasks. This session will help people find a healthy balance between taking care to walk safely, and trusting that their body can cope with this inherent learned ability.


Fear of Flying Fear of flying is very common and one that can’t be cured with safety statistics. It can be caused not only by a bad flying experience, but also by an active imagination that instigates the fear response. This session offers an effective way to reprogram your emotional response to the idea of flying so that you can feel more comfortable when in the air, and beforehand too.


Fear of General Anesthesia It's perfectly natural to be concerned about going under anesthetic. Deliberately allowing another person to make you unconscious - a state where you neither know what is happening nor can control anything which happens - feels like an inherently risky thing to do. Even when you know exactly why anesthetic is necessary and how it will help you, it can be difficult to overcome powerful feelings of apprehension. This session will help anyone who needs to overcome fear of anesthesia.


Fear of Germs Good hygiene is essential for a healthy life, of course, but excessive fear of germs can seriously restrict people's lives. Human bodies have evolved to deal with most bacterial and viral infections but it’s the emotional trauma that needs to be dealt with, and this session will offer that help.


Fear of Going Crazy That's an expression you may hear any day of the week. We use the words 'mad' and 'crazy' rather loosely. This can give the impression that madness is very common and you might catch it like a cold. The thought of going mad is scary. People who are under pressure may read their own reactions to strong emotion as signs of madness, and worry that they really are going crazy. This session will help people who have become worried that they might be 'going mad' recover a sense of balance in their lives.


Fear Of Growing Up The world of the 'grown-ups' can seem big and scary. Not to say dull and dreary. It's not surprising that some people do not relish the thought of growing up, and even feel afraid. This session will help you come to terms with your fear, but you will actually embrace what adulthood has to offer  - without having to quash the child-like spirit within you.


Fear of Heights A fear of heights is basically a defense mechanism that keeps us alert when in a potentially dangerous situation looms, but when this fear becomes overwhelming it can be both debilitating and limiting. This session will help you by toning down your automatic response of fear at the thought of being in a high place.


Fear of Hospitals Fear of hospitals is very common. Although hospitals are places which focus on helping sick or injured people get well, the experience of going there can often be traumatic for everyone involved, patients, their family, and even friends. In such a situation, people often make an association between the fears that they felt about the health situation, and the fact that the experience was taking place in a hospital. This may cause them to develop a serious fear of hospitals. This session is for anyone whose fear of hospitals may be preventing them from going for necessary treatment.


Fear of Laughter Laughter is a wonderful human capacity, and a source of much joy in life. But laughter can also be confusing, and it can be used as a weapon, to hurt rather than to amuse. This leads to some people becoming afraid of the sound of laughter, sometimes to the point that their lives are seriously restricted as they attempt to avoid situations where people might be laughing. This session will help  people who are fearful of laughter train themselves to be comfortably indifferent and at ease with it.


Fear Of Loud Noises Everybody gets startled by sudden loud sounds sometimes, but for some people it can become a full blown fear, making them anxious when they even think about fireworks, or balloons popping. This session will offer people a simple and effective way to overcome their fear and relax about hearing sudden noises.


Fear of Making Mistakes Of course, it's nice to get things right, but will the world really end if we sometimes get things wrong? Many people fear it will. They are driven by a pressure to be perfect, to do everything well, never to make a slip or a fall. The irony is, trying to get it all right, all the time, actually leads to making more errors! This session will help people get themselves out of the patterns of perfectionism, so that they can do things well without crushing themselves.

Fear of Mice Fear of mice is a staple of stand-up comedy and cartoon humor. We all laugh at the  poor person who flees up on to the kitchen table on the merest suspicion of a whisker peeping out from the skirting and stands there shrieking and trembling. This session will help those people overcome their real and very powerful fear to become indifferent to these and other rodents.


Fear of Missing Out As social media drives interconnection around the world, it's now easier than ever to see what everyone else is up to. But this also means it's easier for clients to compare themselves to others which could lead to the notion that everyone else is having more fun. This session will help you find satisfaction in your own life, and stop doubting your choices and rejecting your experiences.

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