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Walt Disney was fired by the Kansas City Star because his editor felt he, "Lacked imagination and has no good ideas."

He lacked imagination?

  • Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting, "The Red Vineyard," yet today his name is world renowned.

  • While developing his vacuum, Sir James Dyson went through 5,126 failed prototypes and his savings ... but his 5,127th worked and today he's worth over $5 Billion dollars.

Do you have what it takes to succeed? Of course you do! However, if you are struggling to keep yourself motivated, or to sell yourself and your ideas, then you need to know hypnosis can rewire your creative brain so you truly can reach your full potential! 


If you've been saying your daily affirmations but nothing is happening - it's time to add hypnosis! Put the power of your mind to work!

Start Your Own Business - Starting your own business calls for more than wishful thinking. There is a gulf between the fantasy of those millions rolling in and the first solid practical steps that must be taken to get any business going. And how do you cross that gulf? This session is for those who would like to make their dream of starting a business something more than a dream.

Promote Your Business - It's always exciting to launch a new business on your own. The freedom to do your own thing can carry a new business owner quite a way through the initial challenges of setting up and getting going. Without promotion, businesses die. So marketing is essential. But for many business owners the business of marketing feels like it is 'not their business'. Producing or providing their product or service is what motivates them - not marketing. This session will help business owners overcome any inhibitions about marketing and instill a real enthusiasm for the promotion of their business.

Think BIG! - What separates successful people from the small timers? Why do some people make it big, and others never show up on the radar? The biography of every successful person points inexorably to the same key. No matter what field they are in, no matter what their personal attributes and skills, no matter what resources they have, each and every one of them was able to THINK BIG - and actualize their thoughts. But how do you learn to think big in the face of your own self-doubt, the skepticism of others, and/or the actual obstacles blocking the way to your particular goal? This session provides a new thinking tool for people who want to expand their ideas and take themselves to the next level.

The Next Level - Progress and improvement in any skill or activity doesn't always have to be slow and gradual. Sometimes it's possible to make dramatic leaps forward, come to significant new understandings, or develop a much higher skill level in a surprisingly short period of time. This session offers an effective and enjoyable method to help you get better at something - faster than you might have expected.

Laser Focus for Business – Business vision is great. Self-belief is great. They are part of the foundation of any real business success. Then there's staying on the path when there are just so many distractions around. Henry David Thoreau said, "You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might". This session helps business people develop the concentrated focus they need to take their business success to the next level.

Create Winning Ideas - Where do winning business ideas that can make you serious money come from? Do you have to be a special sort of person to become a millionaire? Is it all a matter of luck? These are the questions that exercise the minds of people who would like to increase their wealth but who are not sure how to go about it. This session sparks creative ideas development in would-be entrepreneurs and helps them get used to firing up their own creativity.

Charge What You’re Worth - People who have to set their own rates for what they get paid for their work often struggle with what to charge. There's always a pressure to offer 'bargain' rates, but this can mean getting far less than the work is worth. And many people feel very awkward about setting a price anyway, as if they were somehow 'cheating' by demanding payment. Of course, if you don't charge the right rate, you won't earn the right rate, and your business will soon run into trouble. So it is very important to break through these barriers and charge what you're really worth.

Get Back on the Horse - It's natural to experience a loss of confidence after suffering an injury or setback, whether physical or emotional. People are often surprised to find that they lack the confidence even to do ordinary everyday things when something very upsetting has happened. Or, that they hesitate to do things that they would normally consider themselves very good at.  This session helps people quickly rebuild their confidence after a serious setback.

Dealing With Failure - It's always a jolt when things don't work out, when we 'fail' to do or get something that we had planned for and worked for. Nobody likes to come up against a brick wall. Failure of our plans can lead us to question our self-worth and ourselves. We can get hung up on 'what might have been' and the 'if only'.  While it's natural to feel low about setbacks and losses, focusing on them too much can hold us back in life and make it hard to go forward confidently. This session will help anyone who feels they are struggling with a particular 'failure', or even a series of setbacks.

Stop Waiting for Permission - We make a big deal of 'authority' and who is allowed to do what. Great legal systems are based on the idea that you must distinguish between what you can and cannot do. But who has the right to decide where the boundary lies? Whose permission do you need to live your life as you see fit?  This session will help people who feel constrained by the assumed authority of others free themselves to do more of what's right for them.

Master Small Talk - In our highly connected world, where we are bombarded with text messages, emails, chatroom and forum messages, and everything happens so fast, it can seem as if nobody knows how to have a conversation any more. Consequently, many people find themselves at a loss when they spend time face to face with other people. What do you say? How do you get a real conversation going? Surely it can't be through 'small talk'? Here’s a way to ease communication and help build relationships.

Be a Conversation Starter - We somehow expect everybody to know how to lead a conversation, but the fact is that cultural changes have actually lessened people's exposure to conversational practice. For someone who is perhaps naturally shy, or who, for whatever reason, has not had the opportunity to learn the art, conversation can be a daunting experience. There are no teachers of conversation, and no one to ask. In this session you’ll learn the basic rules of conversation and receive a hypnotic experience which will help you to feel relaxed and at ease in conversation.

Handling Criticism - Nobody is going to make it through life without hearing negative criticism from someone at some time - and most of us have to face criticism from many people, many times. So knowing how to handle negative feedback without collapsing into doubt and despair is a really essential life skill. But it is not taught in school. This session offers an effective way to learn to cope with critical comments from others and to use them for your personal benefit.

Listening Skills - In our hurried, busy, pressure-filled lives, the natural social arts which people have always taken for granted are being eroded. People simply don't have time for each other any more. And one of the consequences of this is that people don't actually know how to talk, how to converse, with another person. Yet there is no doubt that being able to listen really well to another person is a very effective way of building relationships and connections - which are vital for a satisfying life. This session is designed to help anyone who feels they may have missed out in the conversational arts and who would like to enhance their listening skills.

Meeting New People - Social engagement is not specifically taught in schools. Most of us learn how to meet new people and engage with them by being exposed to social situations where we can see others (our elders, usually) using these skills. This provides us with a model to follow. But some people may miss out on this kind of experience, and find themselves at an awkward disadvantage. This session has been devised specifically to help people who recognize that they need more social skills, and specifically need to know how to deal with meeting new people - how to conduct themselves, what to say, how to engage with others.

Nervous Talking - Most people will have experienced those awkward situations where, for some reason, they felt nervous and tried to cover their anxiety by chattering away. A barrage of empty talk does nothing for one's credibility, of course. This doesn't matter too much if it only happens once in a blue moon. But if nerves make you fall into this pattern regularly, it can make life quite difficult. But just how do you stop yourself desperately trying to ensure that there are no awkward gaps in conversation with those tricky people?  This session will help anyone who wants to master their tendency to talk too much in order to hide nerves.

Stand Up for Yourself - Not standing up for yourself has two severe negative consequences. The first: you consistently fail to get what you want or need. And secondly, it means that other people get completely the wrong idea about you - which can bring further negative consequences in its train. But changing what may be a lifelong pattern of behavior drummed into you from childhood can be an uphill task. This session will help anyone who has experienced the negative effects of not protecting their own interests properly, and who wants to break out of this limiting pattern.

Stop Apologizing - Some people are sorry for breathing. Sorry for taking up space and air in the same world as you. Sorry for the fact that you trod on their toes. Their conversations are full of apologies and excuses. It seems that, whatever is wrong in the world, it is their fault, and they are sorry. What has happened to these people? Why are they always apologizing? Such behavior usually stems from painful early experiences of criticism, blame, and punishment. Over-apologizing is adopted as a form of self-defense, as if by apologizing for everything, one can avoid being blamed and hurt again. But the truth is, it doesn't work.  This session will help anyone who has become caught in a pattern of excessive apologizing to reclaim their sense of a right to be as they are, and to rebuild their confidence.

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