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Employee Stress Reduction
Motivating Employees at the Cellular Level

Children are always eager and excited to learn about new topics and experience just about everything. New ideas and concepts are easily received and adopted. Everyday, new opportunities to learn at an accelerated pace are accepted along with a willingness to adopt and implement newly acquired information.


Wouldn't it be great if employees could achieve a child's "can do" mindset? Is it even possible?  Yes! It is!

Have you ever watched a live hypnosis show and wondered how the hypnotist used “mind control” to get the volunteers to do wacky things on stage? The secret is – it wasn’t mind control at all. In reality, the hypnotist helped the participants achieve a relaxed brainwave state, then offered suggestions that the volunteers chose to implement. The hypnotist did nothing more than assist the volunteers in reaching a relaxed state and opened the correct pathway to the volunteer's subconscious mind. The volunteers did the rest themselves.

A skilled hypnotist utilizes human biology to help people achieve their desired changes.  This is precisely why children learn quickly and easily; because they reside, from birth to age seven, in the relaxed brainwave states of Alpha and Theta. When people’s brains are oscillating between these two brainwave states, they are open to suggestions and, like a child, they are more receptive to new ideas.

Hypnosis is best known for its ability to help people manage chronic pain, lose weight, and eliminate unhealthy habits, like smoking. However, it can also be utilized to help people manage the stress they feel when confronted with new information that they must learn and implement. Just the thought of change makes most people uncomfortable. This is because their minds are operating in the conscious, critical-thinking, brainwave state more commonly known as “Beta.” The Beta state causes them to question their ability to learn something new or even the reasons for having to do so.

Dr. Skye Winslow is a Board Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist skilled in the art of hypnosis. She knows how to help people in the workplace, effectively assisting employers in achieving their desired goals.

Her process begins by working with the employer to develop the correct scripting. Next, she works with the employees to identify their concerns – both at work and at home. It's important for employees to feel confident in all aspects of their lives, and to address any non-work issues that may contribute to their overall perception of stress.

Employees who sign up for stress reduction classes learn how to retrain their brain by gaining control of their thoughts and emotions, including their desire to learn. They will have a unique understanding of how their mind makes decisions, and how to use their natural biological processes to reframe unwanted ideas and habits. Of course, this is NOT mind control - everyone is fully aware of everything they will experience prior to being hypnotized. In addition, it is possible to adjust the ‘scripting’ to accommodate individual concerns, even in a group environment. In the end, every employee will be left with an openness to learn new things, and acquire new tools ultimately giving them the confidence they need to accept and achieve new ideas in all areas of their life.

Dr. Winslow utilizes the latest neuroscience research to help employees learn how to release unwanted emotions, thoughts, or cravings in just seconds. She teaches skills that will enable your employees to immediately focus their “racing thoughts” in order to achieve heightened focus anytime they wish. And, she teaches breathing techniques that will help participants relax their body and mind immediately, whenever they feel the need to do so.

Is This Really Motivational?

It’s time to move past motivational speakers who fire up employees only to leave them hanging with no real tools to implement what they learned. Inspiration comes from within – give your employees an opportunity to rekindle their child-like desire and willingness to learn new things easily.

Winslow Hypnosis offer companies a unique opportunity to give their employees science-based tools that will help them lower their resistance to learning new things, lower their overall stress, understand how memories are made, how habits are made and how to break them, and how to achieve harmony in all aspects of their lives.

The program can be tailored to suit your company's specific needs and it can be taught to hundreds on-site at your location, or to your key employees through more intimate sessions at our Carmel-based office. We are as flexible as your employees will soon be!

Brain Retraining Address ALL Issues!

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