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Is Hypnosis Real?

Working with powerful tools like the fMRI, EEG, PET, CT, and SPECT imaging machines, scientists are removing the shroud of mystery surrounding hypnosis and proving that hypnosis itself is a very powerful tool for healing. In fact, hypnosis is a treatment option at these leading institutions.


World-renowned hospitals utilize hypnosis to help their patients remove unwanted habits and addictions, and to dial down or remove pain at will.  Read more from National Geographic.

Hypnosis Let's You Retrain Your Brain

Modern science proves hypnosis can help you to gently retrain your brain to accept new wanted behaviors and emotions through the power of suggestion.


Why is this a good thing?

Because our perception is how we experience the world, and emotions play a major role in how we formulate our perceptions. By working with a hypnotist with advanced training, you can scrub away old ideas and emotions and replace them with new ones. Including the most basic of all experiences - how you feel pain.


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Welcome. I'm glad you found my website.

Because you are here, I assume you (or someone you care about) are struggling with an issue you have been unable to resolve on your own. Or, like thousands of others, you have had success with hypnosis and would now like to address another issue.


Unfortunately the pandemic hit businesses pretty hard, including mine. So, in 2020 I closed my office. However, I often volunteer my services if I feel I can help someone resolve their issue in a reasonable amount of time. 

Because I am a full time student I may not be able to respond right away, but you can reach me using the contact form, or call/text me at 317-373-1315 to talk about your needs. 

Everything you read past this point is from my old corporate website. I'm leaving it intact so you can learn more about me and hypnosis. Again, my office is closed so I am unable to offer you in-office appointments.  

How You Learn While You Sleep

How You Learn While You Sleep

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The Story of Letting Go

Long ago, on a drizzle-filled  morning, two monks were walking through a forest. They came across a distressed young woman trying to make her way home.

Tearfully, she asked them for help crossing the river which had swollen from the recent rains.

Although they had both taken strict vows to not communicate with the outside world, the first monk happily agreed and he carried the young woman across the river on his back.

She thanked him and left. The two monks continued their journey for many hours in silence.

River Frome at Dorchester, Dorset, Engla

As night fell they set up camp. However, before they went to sleep, the second monk could not contain his emotions any longer. "How could you!" he burst out.


"We have taken strict vows of chastity! We vowed to never communicate with outsiders! But you carried that woman on your back!" he railed against his friend.

The first monk looked at his red face and simply said:

"My friend, I carried her for only a few minutes. You, however, have carried her all day."

I wonder.... how long are you prepared to ‘carry’ your past? If you're ready to let go, I can help.

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